Une nuit des visages

Une nuit des visages, Ana Rita Teodoro © Alain Monot
Une nuit des visages, Ana Rita Teodoro © Alain Monot

10.03.18 — 20:30

CN D Pantin

An extension of L’œil la bouche et le reste, grabbing gestures, expressions and voices from the screens and returning them to the stage, Une nuit des visages forms the performance part of this maze of states and words. A profusion that closes the loop between the piece and the works it drew on, and offers both a reading in the present and new outgrowths, new echoes. While the exhibition started out from a desire to reveal faces in every state, with their roughness and their density, some of these faces are embodied; that’s the case of Ana Rita Teodoro, who performs an extract from Fantôme Méchant, a piece in which traditional song works the body, reshapes its presence, its ability to listen and its memory. Echoing the exhibition’s themes, the invited artists offer short sequences, which are extracts from their work or have been created especially. In Boomerang ou « le retour à soi », Claudia Triozzi juxtaposes her body and her face with a video of a woman working in a factory, exploring the relationships between the labouring body, skills and personal techniques. Valeska Gertestan, important figure in the exhibition through her exploration of fictions of the face, is evoked by Marcela Santander Corvalán and Volmir Cordeiro in an extract from their piece, Époque, which offers a new exploration of Latifa Laâbissi’s revival of Japanese Grotesque by Gert. Presiding over the evening, Aude Lachaise activates performance modules and coordinates these precipitates of faces.