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Taking care of your health: methods, tools, experiences

Cycle of workshops

23.01 > 11.06.24

CN D Pantin

Each workshop is conceived as a dialogue between practice and theory, dance and health, with four objectives: to inspire, to experiment, to transmit and to equip.

The perineum and breathing at the heart of dance movement Tickets

With Ingrid Bizaguet, choreographic artist, dance teacher, trainer and dance therapist

This workshop introduces you to the pelvis, the perineum and the belly, so you can dance around a solid center. A theoretical component will help you understand the physiology of breathing and the importance of the perineum, while experimenting with it through studio work, in order to develop self-awareness in movement. The aim is to acquire the main principles of a dance that respects the different phases of breathing.

Choosing stretches wisely Tickets

With Violette Bruyneel, Professor at the Haute École de Santé de Genève, PhD in human movement sciences and physiotherapist.

There's a lot of controversy surrounding the issue of stretching, due to a lack of clarity about the objectives and ways of stretching. In this workshop, Violette Bruyneel will present the latest scientific knowledge on the subject. A practical and experimental component will enable participants to discover different stretching modalities useful in dance, and to approach them in a way that respects the physiology of the human body.

Biomechanical analysis: physical preparation for dance movement

With Mathilde Uson, physical trainer for athletes and breakdance

The repetition of certain gestures, excessive effort, precise gestures, uncomfortable postures over time: by studying the way the body moves and interacts with its environment, biomechanical analysis can help identify injury risk factors and constraints in dance movement. With the help of physical preparation, the workshop will help develop appropriate strategies to reduce these risks.

30.04 — Cancelled
Daily work and care: training areas and social issues Tickets

With Agathe Dumont, dancer and teacher at the École supérieure d'art et de design TALM- Angers ; Dumont holds a degree in Performance Expertise (from gestures to movement), and she is an author and researcher.

Working in dance often requires a physical and creative commitment on a daily basis, as well as a high degree of availability. Faced with a complex work organization, how can we take care of ourselves? This workshop will articulate theory and practice around the challenges of the dancer's daily life, and invite the sharing of strategies, tools and experiences through movement and body engagement.

Expressiveness and the scapula: prevention and dynamics in dance movement

With Romain Panassié, dancer, notation and reconstruction expert (Benesh choreologist), AFCMD specialist teacher

The joints of the shoulder girdle, in relation to the pelvic girdle, are constantly used in all styles of dance: classical, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop... This workshop will explore the links between upper-body movement, the dynamics of dance gestures and its poetic and expressive dimension, through conscious mobilization.

Foot preparation and training, from prevention to performance

With Emilie Torreilles, sports physiotherapist specializing in the care of dancers; physical preparation instructor for the entrance and internal examinations at the Opéra National de Paris.

Whether in dance shoes, barefoot, in heels or on pointe, dancers’ feet are subjected to a multitude of constraints. How can we prepare them to meet the demands inherent to this profession? Émilie Torreilles explores anatomy, biomechanics and the most common pathologies, offering both theoretical and practical answers. Through experimentation, she will invite you to feel and develop your support, strength, mobility and motor control.