Dancing without seeing (oneself)

Laure Daugé, Odil Gerfaut,
Fabien Monrose, Romain Panassié

26.02 > 01.03.24

CN D Pantin

“Dancing without seeing (oneself)" is Delphine Demont's long-standing experiment in questioning the relationship between our perceptions and representations of the dancing body, and our engagement with space. The aim of this training course is to introduce participants to the practice of dance for both sighted and blind audiences. Combining both – among participants but also among the team of professionals leading the workshop – will enable everyone to experience the pleasure of movement to the fullest, with confidence.

We'll be interrogating the role of the eyes as organs of perception, whether we can see or not, in experience of balance and in our relationship with the world. How do they interact with our sensations to build a "self-image" in movement, in relation to our environment and to others? This four-day workshop will alternate sessions of dance improvisation (masked or not), transmission, discovery of tools developed within the Acajou company (Acajouet, Coffret Giselle...), sensitive experiences in AFCMD and/or around the Barres Flexibles – Wilfride Piollet’s technique – linked with theoretical knowledge, and conversations with the participants.