From music for dance to dance for music

Andrea Cera,
Jérôme Combier,
Pierre-Yves Macé,
Hervé Robbe

13.03.24 — 17:30

CN D Pantin

They are composers, artistic directors and sound designers, with a penchant for encounters (particularly with literature and dance), and have devised a number of projects with a scenic and visual dimension. Their music encompasses a wide range of styles (instrumental and vocal composition, electroacoustic creation, sound art, real-time analysis of a soundscape, recycling of recorded sounds, sound documents and archives) and reflects a predilection for multidisciplinarity and musical experimentation. They have worked with choreographers Alban Richard, Emmanuelle Huynh, Anne Collod, Fabrice Ramalingom, Pascal Montrouge, Liz Santoro & Pierre Godard, and with Hervé Robbe, who is bringing them together today for this conversation.