From music for dance to dance for music

Hervé Robbe &
Jérôme Combier

11 > 14.03.24

CN D Pantin

Dance and music are two artistic languages that continue to challenge and colonize each other. This relationship is both logical and passionate, given the issues that unite them: inventing a chronology of events, imagining spatial arrangements of rhythms, textures and materials, creating forms that shape and inhabit time. Between porosity, interaction, friction and independence, what cultural references and tools do the choreographer and composer resort to? For what artistic projects do they interact, and to what ends? If dance and music are to forge special relationships, a collaborative dramaturgy between choreographer and composer remains to be invented. Whether they start from a pre-existing musical text or they simultaneously create a new object, what modes of writing and compositional processes confront, exchange and organize each other? Is it possible to imagine singular forms and aesthetics beyond the transdisciplinary imperatives that often tend to format such forms?

Throughout the course, participants will be accompanied by Hervé Robbe and Jérôme Combier who, through communications, artistic exchanges, workshops and observation of rehearsals, will create a dynamic tutoring system to enable dancers to nurture and enrich their own choreographic and musical language.

Hervé Robbe

In addition to studying architecture, Hervé Robbe trained in dance at Mudra, Maurice Béjart's school in Brussels. His career as a performer began with performances in the neoclassical and contemporary repertoires. He began choreographing in 1987, with his first company, Le Marietta Secret. In 1999, he was appointed́ director of the Centre Chorégraphique National du Havre, Haute-Normandie. In January 2012, he chose to continue his adventure as an artist with a new company, TRAVELLING & CO. While carrying out his creative work there, he took on the role of artistic director of the Pôle Création Chorégraphique at the Fondation Royaumont in April 2013, where he initiated training and research programs such as “Prototype”, “Dialogues”, “Praxis#”, “Le laboratoire – chorégraphique#”, “Opus#” and “Campus#”. Over the past 36 years, he has choreographed over 80 pieces in a wide variety of formats. Performances, films, installations and exhibitions have given rise to a wealth of artistic collaborations. All these projects have been presented in France and abroad. Hervé Robbe is Chevalier de l'Ordre National du Mérite and Officier des Arts et des Lettres.