Meg Stuart

Solos and Duets

Meg Stuart, Solos and Duets © Anja Beutler
Meg Stuart, Solos and Duets © Anja Beutler

28 & 29.06.23

CN D Pantin

The work of Meg Stuart has constantly grown in the space of three decades. Rich and diverse in musical, plastic, or sonorous matter it is grounded in improvisation, and considers the passing of time as a material in itself. The body is shown as unstable, made of doubt, daydreams, projections and an expansive imagination. Stuart’s work is an ever-changing choreographic research, combined with a complete mastery of dramaturgical composition. It’s only normal that Solos and Duets is such a versatile work. In the space of an evening, it explores a whole swathe of the rich creative tapestry Stuart has been weaving since she founded her company Damaged Goods in 1994. The American choreographer presents two solos and two duos (Signs of Affection, Inflamável), combined with extracts from other pieces (No One is Watching, Built to Last, UNTIL OUR HEARTS STOP ), interpreted by four dancers, and three musicians.

The American choreographer Meg Stuart, who lives and works in Berlin and Brussels, founded her company Damaged Goods in 1994. She has created over thirty productions with the company, ranging from solos such as Blessed (2007) and Hunter (2014), to large-scale choreographies such as VIOLET (2011) and CASCADE (2021). Other projects include video works, installations, and site-specific creations such as Projecting [Space[ (2017-2019) and improvisation such as City Lights (2016).
Her practice is grounded in fictions, shifting narrative layers, and improvisation, and explores dance as a way to transform the social fabric and gather communities. She regularly leads workshops and master classes. An acclaimed choreographer, Meg Stuart was awarded the 2018 Venice Film Festival Golden Lion for her lifetime achievement by the Biennale di Venezia in 2018.