Meg Stuart

Camping Workshop

26 > 30.06.23

CN D Pantin

Meg Stuart is a stage director and dancer, living and working in Berlin and Brussels. In 1994, Stuart founded her company Damaged Goods. She has written over thirty productions with the company, ranging from solos such as Blessed (2007) and Hunter (2014), to large-scale choreographies such as VIOLET (2011) and CASCADE (2021). Other projects include video works, installations, and site-specific creations such as Projecting [Space[ (2017-2019) and improvisation such as City Lights (2016). Her work navigates between dance, theatre, and visual art. Using fiction, perpetually changing narrative levels, and generous improvisation, she explores dance as a soothing mechanism, a means to transform social fabric. She regularly leads workshops and master classes. An acclaimed choreographer, Meg Stuart was awarded the 2018 Venice Film Festival Golden Lion for her lifetime achievement.

Knowing and Not Knowing

We will engage with guided visualizations and extended sensorial meditations, paying attention to subtlety and nuance. Studying movement patterns, temporal and spatial choices, we question what moves us on a physical and conceptual level. What do we gravitate towards? What do we need to let go of? What do we want to invite? We will explore strategies of transformation, change, and yielding, to find and follow new and unexpected pathways. We will investigate borders between knowing and not knowing, abstraction and intention, images and action. Meeting each other through states of touch, shared fictions and energetic exchanges, the aim is to playfully embrace risk, and to discover the bliss of vulnerability.