Discussion Meg Stuart
& Mark Tompkins

dialogues sur la composition en temps réel

20.06.22 — 18:30

CN D Pantin

Agnès Benoit from the travelling bookshop Books on the Move, present at Camping in the Gallery space, will propose a mediation around the book ONE SHOT with Mark Tompkins and Meg Stuart, choreographers and authors of the book

Improvisation infiltrates almost all dance, theatre and music practices, but when it becomes the essential modality through which performance is constructed, when it becomes a specific practice, a technique, a knowledge, an artistic trend, shouldn’t another word have been invented? When, moreover, this improvisation is practised, transmitted and commented on, at least since the 1960s in the United States before it was affirmed in Europe, wasn’t there a need for a book written by those who practise it, transmit it and carry it out at the heart of their liveliness today? So here is a book which brings together content and form, a lively book which talks about improvisation, about «composition in real time», by improvising.

Here is ONE SHOT, dialogues on real time composition, written by improvising dancers Meg Stuart and Mark Tompkins, with the images of video artist Gilles Toutevoix.