Marina Otero

Love Me

Marina Otero, Love Me. © Nora Lezano
Marina Otero, Love Me. © Nora Lezano

21 & 22.06.22

Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers

After Fuck Me, Marina Otero, who comes from the alternative scene in Buenos Aires, is changing tone with her new piece, Love Me. This show, conceived in collaboration with director and playwright Martín Flores Cárdenas, sees the Argentinean performer return to the stage as a performer. In Fuck Me, she practised autofiction through five male performers, at a time when her body – accustomed to taking risks since her debut in the 1990s – was struggling to recover from an operation. This time, to talk about love, Marina Otero has chosen a sober setting and a constantly evolving show, whose content is revised for each performance. Sitting facing the audience, she presents her “anxious intentions”. The need to dance, lovers, separations, the desire to leave Argentina: autobiography sheds light on this work on a body that Marina Otero says “sometimes feels like it is possessed by an evil spirit”.

Marina Otero was born in Buenos Aires. As a performer, director, writer and teacher, she distinguished herself in international festivals with pieces such as Se rappeler 30 années pour vivre 65 minutes and 200 coups de jambon Serrano, before presenting Fuck Me in Europe in 2021. As a performer, she has participated in productions by Pablo Rotemberg and Emilio García Wehbi, among others. She coordinates the creative workshop El cuerpo como obra y destino (The body as a work and end in itself).