Julie Pellegrin
& Emily Mast

Camping Workshop

20 > 24.06.22

CN D Pantin
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Julie Pellegrin is a curator and art critic interested in the extended notion of performativity. She explores how the connections between visual arts, choreography and theatricality affect the writing of exhibitions today. From 2007 to 2020, she directed the Contemporary art centre of La Ferme du Buisson. Currently in residency at Villa Medici-French Academy in Rome, she is preparing a book on the politics of performance in contemporary art, and is conducting research on the connections between artistic practices and anarchist theories. 

Emily Mast is a Los Angeles-based artist who combines visual art, theater and dance to produce multi-compositional projects that employ performance, installation and activism. She is particularly interested in investigating how artistic imagination can be used to reimagine the world at a time when value, equality and the concept of freedom demand radical reconsideration. She has staged “choreographed exhibitions” and presented performances at venues such as Picasso Museum, Barcelona; Fondation LUMA; Grazer Kunstverein; Irish Museum of Modern Art; Power Plant Toronto; LACMA, etc.     

Performance as study and method
How does one read, interpret and practice theory in their everyday life? How can we understand and explore theoretical concepts with our physical bodies, both individually and as a group? How can we create collective practices based on unique interpretations of various ideas? And finally, how can such practices take shape and produce form? This workshop combines Julie Pellegrin’s theoretical research around the politics of performance with Emily Mast’s artistic explorations around a new performance methodology in order to propose a collective study session. Physical movement, mark making, meditation, hypnotic techniques, tantra exercises and theater games to explore a series of theoretical texts that look at nonperformance, de-hierarchization, cooperation, anger and listening.

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