Paris Conservatory
Spring Programme


09 > 12.05.22

CN D Pantin

For the first time, the CN D is welcoming the Spring programme of the choreographic ensemble of the Paris Music and Dance Conservatory (CNSMDP) and its guests, Codarts Rotterdam and the Escola supérior de Danza of Lisbon Polytechnic Institute. The programme (in progress) will feature Dub Love Remix by Cécilia Bengolea and François Chaignaud, Bisonte ReStage by Marco da Silva Ferreira, and Whereabouts Unkwown by Jiří Kylián...


Dub Love remix de Cécilia Bengolea et François Chaignaud

Wings of Wax de Jiří Kylián

Peters de Fernando Troya

Whereabouts Unknown de Jiří Kylián

Bisonte ReStage de Marco Da Silva Ferreira