Vincent Dupont


Vincent Dupont, Air © Laurent Paillier
Vincent Dupont, Air © Laurent Paillier

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CN D Pantin

A chamber opera for two dancers and four singers: Air, composed by Vincent Dupont in 2013, places the audience at the heart of the dialogue between movement and music. Inspired by Les Tambours d’avant, a documentary shot by Jean Rouch in Niger in 1971, the choreographer reinvents the final scene of this short film – an old woman starting a dance of possession, wrapped in a blanket – to imagine another ritual relating to his own culture.
The dancer Aline Landreau accompanies Vincent Dupont in this exploration that gives pride of place to the voice, under the musical direction of Valérie Joly. The singers are positioned behind the audience; breathing rhythms and litanies, based on texts by the poet Charles Pennequin, make the air vibrate on either side of the room, with the dancers joining in the vocal composition. Attracted by material of an incantatory nature and fond of crossing disciplines, in Air Vincent Dupont opens the possibility of a sensitive and sensorial experience.

Having trained as an actor, Vincent Dupont discovered dance through collaborations with Thierry Thieû Niang, Georges Appaix and Boris Charmatz. He created his first piece, Jachères improvisations, in 2001, and subsequently pursued his double career as a performer and choreographer. His works include Hauts Cris (miniature) (2005), Stéréoscopia (2014), Mettre en pièce(s) (2016) and Cinq apparitions successives (2019). Since 2019, he has been an associate choreographer at the Centre des arts d’Enghien-les-Bains.