Nulle part
est un endroit

© Nach
© Nach

14 > 16.10.21

CN D Pantin

Nach has conceived a danced lecture, which weaves together numerous sources and the shifting geographies of her artistic practice as a dancer and choreographer, based on the communicative pleasure of her various experiences of performative forms, in which dance and speech, as well as archive images and anthropological research into the krump community rub shoulders. She emerges as a storyteller narrating her encounter with the highly codified world of krump, its “battles”, its “freestyle” sessions in the street and its powerful energies. She has broadened her practice by exploring new horizons: butō, flamenco, Kathakali, puppetry, or talks on shamanic and voodoo rituals. Her experimentations with the possibilities of the theatrical black box stand as the most recent chapter in this incandescent narrative of the self: Nulle part est un endroit. Nach recognises in herself a taste for the heteroclite and improbable encounters – fragments of photos, pieces of metal and broken mirrors – in a sculpture by Richard Baquié, from which this danced lecture takes its name.