Session #4

Efficient Gestures

Israel Galván, La Fiesta © Christophe Raynaud de Lage
Israel Galván, La Fiesta © Christophe Raynaud de Lage

02.10.21 — 11:00

CN D Pantin

11:00 — 1h.
Mythologies of Ritual according to Israel Galván

by Corinne Frayssinet-Savy (France)

Israel Galván’s flamenco dance explores the mythologies of flamenco. Ever since his first creation – ¡Mira! Los zapatos rojos (1998) – Israel Galván has created situations and processes where the flamenco dancer is tested in his dance practice. With his soli, Galván invented a dance which performs an imaginary ritual for which he is only the vessel. In these pieces, he leads a reflection on dance as a ritual, a game of codifying, which is one of the first elements defining rituals according to Pouillaude (2014). The radical exposition of ritual underpins his first shows: in La Fiesta, the dance discourse revolves around the singularity of actions, incantatory polyvocality, repetitions of gestures, and sound polysemy. The mythologies of ritual in El Amor brujo unfold as a diptych, a mirror for the inside and outside, the seen and the unseen, the said and the unsaid. La Consagración de la primavera re-evaluates the fantasized or sacrificial ritual against the primary driving force of rhythm (Schirren, 2011).

11:30 — 1h.
Marking Time: Rehearsals, Tours, Performances

by Laura Fanouillet (France) et Martin Givors (France)

What do the notions of rite and ritual reveal about the life trajectory of a dancer? Perhaps, above all, the rhythms and cycles that contribute to the formation and ongoing maturation of his or her physicality. Rehearsals, tours, performances designate three inflections during which the gestures are recalled to the body and, inexorably, leave an imprint, as much as they reveal, in their return, the present state of the living body that calls them. Through each of them appears a singular way of marking time and turning on oneself, of "performing" gestures whose value would be at the same time technical, symbolic and ontogenetic. In order to develop this reflection, two field surveys at the crossroads of our two research paths will be solicited: one conducted with the butoh dancer Imre Thormann in the daily life of his house and the other with the acrobatic dancer Dimitri Jourde during the tour of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui's show Fractus V.


12:30 — 30 min.
Gestures of care: from routine to performing rituals

by Léa Andréoléty (France)

Gestures of care, as they are taught in nursing schools, are constructed as a series of normative technical acts inscribed in teaching methods which are disconnected from the patient’s experience of their body. Notions like touch or gestures are considered as corporal techniques, detached from their sensory and symbolic meanings. Considering gestures of care as a sensory, symbolic and collective per- formance allows us to endow them with a ritual dimension. I will therefore question the way the notion of ritual can allow us to become aware of the routine around gestures of care. I propose to study how Contact Improvisation and Feldenkrais techniques can become tools for nursing trainees to develop their awareness of the sensory and symbolic aspects of touch, and can trigger a realization of the full meaning of the gestures of care, in order to get to a process of building partitions and performative rituals.

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