Research Screening

Has the ritual started yet?

Curated by Térésa Faucon

Gisèle Vienne, Crowd © Estelle Hanania
Gisèle Vienne, Crowd © Estelle Hanania

01.10.21 — 20:00

CN D Pantin

In dance films, particular attention is given to certain gestures which occur time and time again regardless of differ- ences in style or origin. Could this lead us to question where rituals start and how visible they are? This selection from the CN D collections by Teresa Faucon combines film excerpts whose particular gestures, energy and rhythm interrogate the possibility for dancers and choreographers to invent pre-performance rituals, in the studio, backstage, at the barre, in the green room, from daily gestures to the rehearsal of a piece. Cinema definitely participates in our questioning of rituals since the camera and the editing process have so frequently been defined by their ability to reveal the invisible and explore other dimensions.

Térésa Faucon is associate professor at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle. Her research focuses on cinema aesthetics and theory as well as contemporary images, the history of artforms, the dialogue between dance and cinema, and Indian cinema. Her publications include: Penser et expérimenter le montage (PSN, 2009), Théorie du montage. Énergie, forces, fluides (Armand Colin, 2013, 2d edition 2017), Gestes contemporains du montage. Entre médium et perfor- mance (Naima, 2017), Chorégraphier le film. Gestes, cadre, montage (Mimesis, 2019), as well as an interactive bilingual platform named (la danse sur les tessons).

of the International
Symposium Dances and Rituals