Performing divinatory dance

Mathieu Bouvier
and Loïc Touzé

Loup Abramovici, La Chance © Martin Argyroglo
Loup Abramovici, La Chance © Martin Argyroglo

30.09 > 02.10.21

CN D Pantin

With this workshop, we invite you to take part in a serious fictive experiment: how can a divinatory dance be performed? What is it? Does it involve divination? Telepathy? Divinatory dance is not about believing or fact-checking, but rather about perceiving and accepting doubt. It’s about setting a visual and hermeneutic trap, to trigger a dance. The game consists in becoming a dance seer, divining a dance that existed in space before us and which will outlive us in time, a dance that we borrow from the footprints we leave behind. It’s a dance with no author nor choreographer, but with multiple invisible partners – as many invisible partners as there are eyes in the audience. This game will be followed by a theoretical discussion and a Q&A in order to discuss its ritual aspect, its many deceptions and magical elements, as well as the pragmatic aspect of our practice of divination in the piece.

Mathieu Bouvier is a visual artist and PhD candidate in the University of Paris 8 (Arts department, EDESTA, AIAC research teams), where he is working on a PhD dissertation, entitled “Les intrigues du geste, pour une approche figurale du geste dansé”, under the supervision of philosopher Catherine Perret and dance historian Isabelle Launay. He has collaborated with many choreographers as a film- maker and screenwriter, among whom Loïc Touzé, Yasmine Hugonnet, Catherine Contour, Vincent Dupont, DD Dorvillier, Sorour Darabi, and Mylène Benoit. With Loïc Touzé, he has been developing a research program for the past ten years, investigating the theoretical and practical aspects of figures in dance. This project has received the support of the Manufacture - Hes.So Lausanne, and the CN D, and is visible on the following website:

Loïc Touzé is a dancer, choreograph and teacher. He has created Morceau, Love, La Chance, Fanfare, Forme simple, as well as the project entitled Autour de la table with Anne Kerzerho, and he directed the film entitled Dedans ce monde. He is currently collaborating with Mathieu Bouvier on the project and he regularly teaches in the Théâtre national de Strasbourg and in the Manufacture in Lausanne. From 2001 to 2006, he co-directed Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers with Yvane Chapuis and François Piron. Since 2011, he has been the director of Honolulu, a workshop and laboratory in Nantes for Contemporary dance creation.

of the International
Symposium Dances and Rituals