Poliana Lima

Things move but they do not say anything

Poliana Lima, Things move but they do not say anything © Alvaro Gomez Pidal
Poliana Lima, Things move but they do not say anything © Alvaro Gomez Pidal

18 & 19.06.21

Théâtre du Fil de l’eau

Ten women rooted to the stage, with their differences and their solitude. Poliana Lima taps into the potential for deep communication that lies hidden at the heart of all dance. Her choreography is driven by the urgency to express and embody multiple experiences intimately linked to daily life. Permanence, resistance, repetition and difference, all so many motifs and rhythms woven into a piece that takes in a broad scope and plays on the ambivalence between ardour and abandon, frenzy and restraint, gentleness, emptiness and plenitude, translating the furtive and intense movements of a vital impulse that lives within us.

The Brazilian-born dancer and choreographer Poliana Lima currently lives in Madrid. She has been selected as an Aerowaves artist 2021 for her choreographic work Things move but don’t say anything. Since 2011, she has created various award winning works which have been performed at numerous European festivals and events, including the Edinburgh Fringe and Spring Forward. She has been awarded several prizes in Spain, including first prize at the Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid with her first ensemble piece Atávico (2014). She was an associate artist at the Conde Duque Cultural Centre in Madrid where she premiered the intergenerational choreographic piece Aquí, Siempre / Here, Always (2019). She also has an extensive portfolio of teaching and community/new audience engagement work.