Lenio Kaklea

Camping Workshop

14 > 18.06.21

CN D Pantin

Lenio Kaklea is a dancer, choreographer and writer born in Athens and based in Paris. As a young dancer, she studied at the National Conservatory of Contemporary Dance in Athens. In 2005, she moved to France, completed a two-year course at CNDC in Angers and the master on experimentation in arts and politics directed by Bruno Latour at Sciences Po in Paris. Since 2009, she develops choreographic projects using a wide range of media including dance, performance, text and film. In her work, she explores the production of subjectivity through the organized repetition and transmission of movements and seeks to reveal the intimate and marginal spaces in which we, as individuals, build our identity. An important strand of her work is the project Encyclopédie pratique. From 2016 to 2019, taking to the streets and pathways of different peripheral European territories, she gathered nearly 600 unique stories that testify to the familiarity and diversity of habits, rituals, and trades that compose and distinguish these terrains. In 2019, she is awarded the Dance Prize of the Hermès Italia Foundation and the Triennial of Milan and creates her recent solo, Ballad. In 2020, her performance A Hand’s Turn entered the collection of the KADIST Foundation. In 2021, she was commissioned by the Athens and Epidaurus Festival to create a group piece for the bicentenary of the Greek War of Independence.

Sonates et Interludes
Lenio Kaklea proposes an immersion into the creative process of her new piece, Sonates et Interludes, based on the composition of the same name by American composer John Cage, written between 1946 and 1948. This musical work comprises sixteen sonatas and four pieces more loosely structured as interludes. The choreographer works directly from the musical score and develops a movement vocabulary inspired by the dance styles of the time. She proposes to submit these choreographic scores to the participants and to use them as a basis for the development of new material. The aim is not only to reactivate them, but to transform them from each participant’s energy into group or individual compositions.

Prior dance experience required.