Fanny de Chaillé

Le Chœur

Fanny de Chaillé, Le Chœur © Marc Domage
Fanny de Chaillé, Le Chœur © Marc Domage

04 > 06.03.21

CN D Pantin

Every year, the “Talents Adami Théâtre” scheme enables an artist to invite ten young actors into his or her artistic world. The 2020 cohort worked with Fanny de Chaillé, a director who uses language as a testing ground, composing a “chorus” between two lockdown periods for a production in the form of a collective and polyphonic experiment.
The poem “Et la rue” by Pierre Alferi (from his collection Divers chaos, published by P.O.L.), served as the starting point – and musical score – for this collective piece entitled Le Chœur. Its development was hampered by the constraints caused by the pandemic, but also shaped in response to the latter, through a search for new modes of contact with the public. Thus, a journal and a radio podcast were added to and drove the production process, opening up new outlets for the young artists’ creativity in this time of crisis. In this same spirt of questioning the links between speech and theatrical form, they are now taking this project to the stage.

Fanny de Chaillé likes to separate text from movement, so that the two modes of communication rediscover each other and construct their relationship around this separation. After university studies in aesthetics, she became an assistant to Daniel Larrieu and developed several artistic collaborations. Since 1995, with her own company, Display, she has created numerous pieces and installations, including Gonzo Conférence (2007), La Bibliothèque (2010), Les Grands (2017) and more recently Désordre du discours (2019) at Malraux, scène nationale Chambéry Savoie where she is an associate artist.