10.11 > 20.12.20

CN D Pantin

There are a thousand of ways to film a performer because there are a thousand ways to be a performer and because there are, in the end, a thousand ways to be yourself. Some are never such great dancers as when they are following to the letter a score that comes from elsewhere, and it is in their way of being able to speak fluently someone else’s language that we recognise their power; others, of course, sign every gesture with their own singularity, transcending commissions, or never feeling so much at ease as when improvising.

Thus, this film programme about performers multiplies both axes and entrances, the better to seize what constitutes the richness and singularity of dancers’ work. Ways of transmitting, ways of working and inventing while working, ways of reading a score, ways of appropriating a gesture and then varying it, the ways of reprising a role: each time, the point is by one means or another to dive into what is most intimate in the concrete fabrication of gestures.