Cindy Van Acker


Cindy Van Acker, Shadowpieces © Thomas Bohl
Cindy Van Acker, Shadowpieces © Thomas Bohl

20 > 21.11.20

CN D Pantin

For this long-term project, which has been running since December 2018, Cindy Van Acker is pursuing the creation of a collection of eleven solos. The choreographer is going back over a format which marked her beginnings on the international stage, by opening up a relationship in an intimate dialogue with each of the performers. Depth, attentiveness, empathy: these are the bases for a made-to-measure writing, according to each dancer’s qualities in motion, sensitivity or current preoccupations. The intense relationship with the music is the guiding thread that runs through these singular works, each lasting about ten minutes, depending on the length of the pieces chosen by the performers from a reservoir of sound creations, ranging from Ryoji Ikeda to Johann Sebastian Bach, taking in Éliane Radigue, GOAT, or else Arvo Part. Different colours of melancholy, a close relationship with matter, a vibration in the immobility or the density of time stand as some of her “active principles” in the process that will nourish the creation of Without References, in autumn 2020.