Felipe de Assis, Leonardo França & Rita Aquino

Looping: Paris Overdub

© Patricia Almeida
© Patricia Almeida

20 & 21.03.20

CN D Pantin

The show Looping: Bahia Overdub is a celebration as festive as it is political, which takes dance as a federating cultural practice, a place for the expression of tensions of identity as well as social transformations. It is varied between local versions, which are redefined during workshops with volunteers who participate in each creation. The project organises an encounter between Brazilian street festivals and the vernacular traditions from other countries, thus testing out the capacity of one cultural heritage to welcome another. The writing of the piece has been organised around two driving principles, which are shared by electronic music and contemporary dance: a loop and accumulation. It takes place in a scenic landscape inspired from Brazilian “neo-concretism”, kinetic art or else the vintage urban street furnishings of Bahia, in which eight loudspeakers transmit a soundtrack played live by two DJs. As a moment of convivial and spectacular communion, Looping: Paris Overdub seeks to create new social connections, transcending differences of age, class and community.  

Rita Aquino is a choreographer and teacher at the Federal University of Bahia. As the holder of a PhD in performance art, she carries out research into collaborative practices, participatory arts and cultural mediation. She is part of ColecTivo UtópiCo, an international platform of creation.

Leonardo França is a choreographer, dancer and performer, who graduated in dance from the Federal University of Bahia, where he is currently taking a master’s degree. Apart from his personal creations, he collaborates with various artists from the worlds of dance, the cinema, music, the visual arts and the theatre.

Felipe de Assis is a stage artist and graduate from the theatre school of the Federal University of Bahia. Involved in a large number of collaborations, he is also part of ColecTivo UtópiCo, the international platform of creation, and has since 2008 directed the International Festival of Performance Arts of Bahia (FIAC-Bahia).