Presentations of research and notation

27.02.20 — 14:00

CN D Pantin

For a living thesis
by Claudia Triozzi

By problematising the question of the transmission of knowledge, experiences and knowhow, this active research continually analyses what this means and what it produces in an immediate confrontation with the public. It has today found its resolution in the form of a work linking together all the materials so far accumulated.


Carlotta in Argentina or the wild flower: butō plasticities
by Anna Ventura

This project reconstitutes the work of Carlotta Ikeda, an emblematic figure of female butō who is little known in Japan, and her origins and her career after leaving her native country, by focusing on the choreographer’s visual approach, by examining her collection of stage costumes.


Raw, raw expression of rage
by Laurence Saboye, Émilie Ouedraogo and Isabelle Dufau

Having observed the limitations of a mainly sociological and political approach to krump, coming from the paucity of its documentation, this research sets about envisaging it through a corporeal interpretation using the tools of cinetography, Body Mind Centering, and a sensorial psycho-corporeal analysis, while also contextualising it. – for the record
The launch of the site, the result of research carried out by Julie Perrin, Agathe Pfauwadel, César Vayssié, Valentin Bigel and Pierre Garnier.

After being identified, collated and indexed, the archives of the choreographer Odile Duboc, stored at the CN D, called for the creation of a digital resource conceived by the artist César Vayssié, making it possible to create bridges, parallels, oppositions, recurrences and resistances, while bringing out “horizontal and vertical” relations between different types of document. The site articulates an “exhibition” section, elaborated using circulations and dramaturgical notions of the spaces, with a “shows” section, which means being able to access full video versions, a variety of documents (files of intent, critical articles, notations and commentaries, posters, or photographs). Both lively and convivial, this dynamic archive site for researchers, amateurs, pedagogues, beginner and confirmed dancers and artists, offers new models for sharing a fertile artistic memory.