Presentations of research and notation

06.02.20 — 14:00

CN D Pantin

The Body Weather Laboratory, a dance practice: touching laboratory
by Christine Quoiraud

This project aims at exploring the training process of Body Weather, initiated by Tanaka Min in Japan in the 1980s. Both practical and philosophic, Body Weather is based on a proprioceptive approach, in an interaction with the environment.

Primary movements, a pedagogical basis for dance; their impacts on our way of dancing
by Julie Meyer Heine

This research examines the impact of primary movements on children and their dancing, while probing the links between the development of schemes allowing for the development of children and the way in which, once they are adults, they shift, apprehend space, invest weight, balance and dance.

Immobility and fragility as creative gestures. Based on the poetry of Joë Bousquet and butō dance
by Laurence Pagès

One of them, a writer paralysed by a bullet that severed his spinal cord, spent his life in his bedroom; the other, a choreographer, initiated a form of dance finding its spaces of invention in inner sensations and the slightest gesture. This project aims at analysing two practices which explore the experience of immobility and fragility as conditions for the emergence of the creative gesture.

Losing face
by Marie Bardet

Concentrating on defocusing the ways of seeing that construct our relationship with space, this research into dorsality envisages our visual field as a tactile membrane and offers ways of being supine, in particular by making the skin of the back more receptive, as a motor for displacements.