Presentations of research and notation

16.01.20 — 14:00

CN D Pantin

Necessary fictions (about the Éventail company)
By Chantal Lapeyre and Nick Nguyen

This research examines the specific and fertile way in which Marie-Geneviève Massé works using existing documents – dance treatises, iconography, historical and aesthetic texts … It shows in what way the very existence of a contemporary baroque dance is a necessary fiction for today.

Daniel Lommel, a dancer’s career, artistic encounters
by Nathalie Rousset and Daniel Lommel

A biographical project, this work of analysing experiences bears witness to the richness of the dance research conducted by Daniel Lommel, a dancer, pedagogue and choreographer, performer for Maurice Béjart, co-director of the Ballet du XXe siècle, and Rudolf Nureyev’s partner (Song of a Wayfarer).

Svadebka Les Noces
by Dominique Brun, Ivan Chaumeille and Sophie Jacotot

By gathering together the remaining objects and documenting them, this project focuses on the interesting case of this revival by the choreographer herself: Les Noces which Bronislava Nijinska revived some forty years after its creation in 1923, for Les Ballets Russes.

Research into composition in real time
by Mark Tompkins, Meg Stuart and Gilles Toutevoix

In the form of a labyrinthine dialogue, the choreographers Mark Tompkins and Meg Stuart adopt this approach to composition – techniques, investigation of sensations, perceptions, presence in performance – and the renewal of these issues in Europe in the early 1990s.