Daniel Linehan

Body of Work

© Danny Willems
© Danny Willems

17 & 18.06.19

CN D Pantin

Fifteen years after his first creation, Daniel Linehan is conducting danced, archaeological research into his own work, based on his own body and the experiences that have accumulated there, like a series of memory strata. By composing from these literally incarnated choreographic fragments, the choreographer is offering a new reading of his own writings, showing up subterranean links that unite them, despite the passage of time. Running against the common opinion that dance is the art of the ephemeral, Body of Work shows in actions how much a choreography is inscribed lastingly in the flesh, at the same time as the mind. From the memory of a score, with the hints of an apprenticeship or the sequel of an injury, each reanimated trace convokes a physical memory which arises in the form of intuitive reminiscences. This retrospective exercise then reveals how much the experience of time is impregnated with the past, as plastic as the body charged with incarnating it.

Born in Seattle, Daniel Linehan worked as a dancer in New York, before moving to Brussels in 2008, where he followed the Research cycle at P.A.R.T.S. A performer for Miguel Gutierrez or the Big Art Group, he later founded his company Hiatus with which he confronts dance with other forms of art. He has been responsible for a good twenty projects, including Not About Everything, Gaze is a Gap is a Ghost, dbddbb or Untitled Duet, performed at the Tate Modern, London. Daniel Linehan has been an artist in residence at the Opéra de Lille and is currently a Creative Associate at deSingel, Antwerp.