Edith Dekyndt
One Thousand And One Nights

As part of the exhibition Trois fois rien

Edyth Dekyndt, One Tousand and One Nights © DR
Edyth Dekyndt, One Tousand and One Nights © DR

16 & 17.03.19

CN D Pantin

A layer of dust, collected at the CN D, is placed beneath a projector. A beam of light perfectly coincides with its contours. At regular intervals, the projector shifts slightly on its axis. Someone then comes to delicately sweep the floor, so that the square of dust mingles once again with the square of light. Edith Dekyndt is a Belgian artist born in 1960. Her work is attached to creating images from the most fleeting, volatile phenomena, showing a great economy of means and gestures. So it is that she often invests exhibition spaces with the substances and memories that are proper to them. The length, synonymous with the transformation and interaction between the elements being combined, is one of her favourite materials in a work in process, whose humility verges on the sublime.

One Thousand and One Nights was conceived for the retrospective of this artist at the Wiels, Brussels, in 2016. This installation was shown again during the 2017 Venice Biennale, as part of the exhibition Viva Arte, Viva. As a recent acquisition of the Cnap, it is being activated, for the first time in France, at Trois fois rien.