La danse profonde, de la carcasse à l'extase

Paper edition

‘Dance is deeper than me. Where does my deep dance, this personal necessity, come from? And your dance, the one that is deep inside you, where does it come from? In the dictionary, it says that dances are rhythmic steps. Deep dance is something else. There are people who have learnt dance steps and who became aroused as soon as they start to dance. Deep dance is not a system, it is something that you know even before you are born. It is something deep inside you. But you can spend your entire life avoiding what you are.’

A key figure in modern dance in the United States then in France, influenced both by Mary Wigman and Joseph Pilates, the dancer, choreographer and teacher Jerome Andrews (1908–1992) influenced many contemporary artists. Between 1968 and 1980, at the invitation of Arno Stern, pioneer in education, he gave lectures on his conception of dance and his teaching practice. In these interventions, published here for the first time, his humility, spirituality and imagination shine through. Readers will discover above all the subtlety and rigour of his quest, that of personal fulfiment through movement, and his desire to free in each of us the possibilities of ‘deep dance’.

With texts by: Dimitris Kraniotis, Laurent Sebillotte, Arno Stern, Christine Kono.