Hosted artists

The hosted artists benefit from the availability of a rehearsal space for two types of periods: a short period (previously called "studio availability") or a long period (previously called "experimentation residence").

Hosted artist / short period

The application can be submitted throughout the year, the selection process is adapted according to availability. This system is intended for professional choreographic companies with a show business license and at least one partner (public or private) and/or a performance date. Within two months of the date of the request, half-day slots (4 hours) for a maximum of 200 hours/season can be allocated to the company, depending on availability.

Requests should be sent to along with the information sheet.

Hosted artist / long period

The application is sent in the framework of the call for applications, at the latest 5 months before the requested hosting period.
The selection is made by the members of the CN D management team.
This scheme is aimed at professional choreographic companies with a performance licence and at least one partner (public or private) and/or a performance date.
A residency at the CN D does not imply any financial contribution (co-production) or future programming at the CN D. The organisation of the artistic team's visit as well as the conditions of their stay are the responsibility of the project leader.

The residencies proposed by the CN D take place in studio conditions, i.e. service lights and mobile sound system. No technical support is provided.

For any questions, please contact

No current call for applications

The application must be sent via the online form, accompanied by the project presentation file (cast, note of intent, production and dissemination, biographies), the provisional budget and the project schedule.

Hosted artists long period 2022-2023
Marina Akopova
Katerina Andreou
Lorenzo de Angelis
Clément Aubert
Sarah Baltzinger
Dalila Belaza
Gaëlle Bourges
Bryan Campbell
Jonathan Capdevielle
François Chaignaud
Chien-hao Chang
Ashley Chen
Jonas Chéreau
Jeanne Colin
Marguerite Complexe
Sorour Darabi
Malika Djardi
Lorena Dozio
Vincent Dupont
Vincent Dupuy
Elisabete Finger
Gerard & Kelly
Julie Gouju
Myriam Gourfink
Emmanuel Guillaud
Leïla Ka
Lenio Kaklea
Léo Lerus
Babacar Mané
Théo Marion-Willemin
Béatrice Massin
Anna Massoni
Joachim Maudet
Marlene Monteiro Freitas
Josef Nadj
Mélanie Perrier
Annabelle Pulcini
Ambra Senatore
Acaua Shereya
Marion Siefert
Myriam Soulanges
Liam Warren