Hosted artists

This device is intended for professionals in the choreography sector.
The CN D in Lyon offers its studios in 2 time slots:
9:00 – 13:00 and 13:30 – 17:30, from Monday to Friday.
It is possible to apply for the "hosted artists" scheme for a half day or for the whole day.

The studios are primarily intended for rehearsals. Any other use, such as auditions, meetings, etc., must be requested and justified.

The CN D welcomes artists as part of the "hosted artist" program without any other technical support from the CN D (see technical information below).

What the artists hosted at the CN D in Lyon benefit from:
- 3 studios: 2 of 110m2 and one of 120m2 (see details on technical sheets)
- Work spaces
    A company office with 2 computer stations
    A meeting room
- A library with books that can be consulted on site and access to the CN D's digital resources
- Expertise: the CN D team in Lyon is available, by appointment, for discussions
    Documentation of an artistic work
    Artistic and cultural education and mediation
    Company development

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