Resources pole for mediation and artistic and cultural dance education

The resources pole devises tools and spaces of reflexion for the development of artistic and cultural education in all its dimensions. These propositions are open to everyone involved in artistic and cultural education projects, and dance mediation across the entire territory. The resources pole thus invites professionals to train, exchange and reflect about mediation practices. The resources pole also commits itself to the production and co-production of tools and resources concerning dance, so as to favour access to all forms of dance. Finally, to probe questions about mediation, the CN D is offering its Plateforme / Réseau (Platform / Network).

Pedagogical tools training

Each dance has its stories
Contemporary dance in question

The CN D has participated in the elaboration of three pedagogical tools to support dance mediation projects and accompany their use through training. During these two days of training, there will be an invitation to discover the three tools and to experiment with their multiple uses. The participants will work on creating dance mediation schemes based on these tools, and will be able to base themselves on the particularities and strengths of each proposition so as to flesh out already existing schemes.


Training courses

The CN D participates in dance mediation training courses, from methodological tools to the construction of the contents of artistic and cultural education schemes. The CN D also hosts courses run by some of its partners, including for example those aimed at the UNSS Dance juries in the school district of Créteil or those of the Fédération Arts Vivants et Départements.


Study days

The resources pole regularly organises study days which bring together mediation professionals to deal with shared topics, in particular the notions of transmission, sharing and sensibilisation. Observing pedagogies at work in artistic and cultural education schemes, putting into perspective the means of transmission with other fields of knowledge, questioning each person’s postures, examining the notion of a dance public, are some of the topics dealt with as part of these study days.