Laurence Louppe:
a vibrant voice

Building a sound library

In addition to many articles 1 and essential works on dance 2 Laurence Louppe left many of her listeners with the memory of an exceptional teacher and lecturer, capable of invoking and giving access to an immense culture. Proposing associations and reflections that were both demanding and enlightening, Laurence Louppe addressed those who listened to her – for the most part students – with a passionate and generous discourse. While sometimes seemingly disordered, it was always highly stimulating and personal, which earned her an often admiring audience.

This quality as a speaker, along with her distinctive enunciation, make the archived recordings of Laurence Louppe’s lectures and courses particularly valuable documents for (re)engaging with her thinking and (better) discovering the scope and originality of her reasoning and her contributions to knowledge on dance. With this in mind, the Centre National de la Danse has undertaken to collect, collate, save, digitise and annotate any remaining recordings (sound or video) of this great dance historian and theorist who died in 2012.

Laurence Louppe worked in many dance and music teacher training centres (Cefedem), preparing students for the State dance teacher diploma or the certificate of aptitude for the position of dance teacher, but she also taught in universities, Dance and Arts courses, or in other contexts, as well as participating in conferences, working groups, expert commissions, public events, etc.

If you possess or know of the existence of audio or video recordings of these classes, lectures, presentations and participations of all kinds, and would like to contribute to this project to create an audio library of Laurence Louppe’s talks, please contact the media library of the Centre National de la Danse before 15 July 2021: or


1. In addition to her dance reviews for the daily newspaper Libération, her contributions to journals such as the Nouvelles de danse, Marsyas - revue de pédagogie musicale et chorégraphique and the Bulletin du Centre national de danse contemporaine d’Angers, Laurence Louppe published almost 70 articles in the journal Pour la danse between 1983 and 1989 and more than 100 notices, articles or interviews in the monthly magazine Art Press.

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