IMAGINE is an outreach scheme aimed at women in the Seine Saint-Denis département, which takes on the question of care and representations of the female body in society.

Every year, from autumn 2017 to autumn 2020, IMAGINE has been deployed in 4 towns, with 4 groups of women, 4 choreographers and 4 mediators. Mornings are devoted to practice with a choreographer. The afternoons are made up of contributions that vary according to each town: facecare, visits to museums, reading about the history of self-care, somatic practices, moments of discussion… These practices – choreographic, ritual, sensorial, culinary, as a spectator, etc. – take place in a collective process so as to examine and experience the notions of care per se and the representations of the female body.
IMAGINE is based on a tight collaboration with the territory to create a space in which women of different ages, social milieus and statuses, who live in the same town, can meet one another. It brings into play bodies, narratives and relationships, so that women can invent ways to occupy space and to be visible, going beyond the project. Taking care of yourself is way to handle the world’s worries. By creating this community of women and individuals, over a long, privileged period, the aim is to shift, transform and enrich our knowledge, as well as our different representations.

IMAGINE #1, with: Nadia Beugré, Françoise Bonardel, Claire Buisson, Raphaëlle Delaunay, Johanna Faye, Milena Gilabert, Isabelle Ginot, Corinne Labylle, Paula Pi, Claude Sorin and Violeta Salvatierra.

IMAGINE#2, with: Sandrine Lescourant, Marcela Santander et Bettina Penther Blanc, Nina Santes, Liz Santoro, Judith Balso, Hortense Belhote, Marion Botellier, Cécile Brousse, Claire Buisson, Virginie Desmoulins, Abraham Diallo, Gianna Dupont, Anne-Marie Florent, Ghada Hatem, Elaine Konopka, Gerald Kurdian, Corinne Labylle, Silvia Lopez Terosiet, Gaëlle Piton, Clyde Plumauzille, Nathalie Yokel.

IMAGINE #3, with: Pauline Le Boulba, Lydia Amarouche, Charlotte Imbault, La Semeuse, Mélanie Perrier, Angélique Lo, Fabienne Brugère, Chloé Delaume, Olga de Soto, Edith Christoph, Virginie Desmoulins, Myriam Lefkowitz, Silvia Lopez, Clarisse Chanel, Fabienne Leroy, Dominique Brun, Elaine Konopka.