À chaque danses ses histoires

Dance show somewhere between narrative and abstraction
A co-production between Le CN D and the ‘Fédération Arts Vivants et Départements’.

Le CN D and the ‘Fédération Arts Vivants et Départements’ collaborated in the creation and production of a teaching tool to help those involved in projects on Artistic and Cultural Education.

It includes 10 thematic panels, an educational booklet, a data CD and a DVD. The educational booklet provides some guidance and the knowledge required to develop a class project on choreographic performance and dance. A fact sheet refers to each panel.

Originally designed for a young audience and to provide support to teachers in secondary schools as part of the “History of Arts” programme, this tool unveils the tension between narrative and abstraction that marked the history of dance. We all heard, coming out of a show: “What does it mean?” or “I didn’t get it”. Does choreographic performance carry a story, convey a message? Does it have to tell a story? From court ballet to hip-hop, what does dance tell us? The question of the meaning of dance, its ability to tell a story, its expressiveness was often raised over the centuries. In parallel, throughout the ages, movement, space, rhythm, etc. have also been designed for themselves in many choreographies or ballets.

This tool may also be of interest to a wider public as part of cultural activities on dance conducted in educational or artistic institutions.

21 copies of that teaching tools bought by Departmental Associations are now available in the French Departments