Occupation artistique

Occupation Artistique: two days during which the fourteen studios of the CN D will be invested by twenty cultural institutions, invited and chosen among the rich network of active dance structures in France – national choreographic centres, centres for choreographic development, national and subsidised companies, festivals, or regional diffusion offices. At the CN D, during these two days, they will find a shared space-time, and a visibility for the artists they support. The programming and forms are being left open to the free choice of each structure: short extracts, rehearsals, works in progress, presentations… the spaces will thus become an opportunity for exchanges between established artists, “professional” spectators – supervisors, programmers, administrators – and also the general public.

Given that the professional milieu is not limited just to its programmes, numerous activities will be on offer outside the studios during these two days, so as to create a communication between the different professions – at once administrative, artistic or institutional – so as to examine together the issues linked to a professional federation and visibility on both a national and international level.

Next edition 30 & 31.01.2020