How to register
in Pantin

How to register
for daily lessons

Step #1
Application for validation of your
as a professional dancer
by the Training & Education Department
& Pedagogy for the season
September 2021 to June 2022 :
- Fill in the form
registration form here. Only duly completed forms can be validated.
- Send your CV

Step #2
Once your request for registration has been validated, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the booking details.

Re-register for the new season

Step #1
Re-enrolment for the September 2021 to June 2022 season by sending a request for re-enrolment by e-mail
with :
- Your updated CV
- This certificate duly completed

Step #2
Once your request for re-registration has been validated, you will receive a confirmation email indicating the booking procedures.

How to register 
for trainings

Step 1
Download the online registration form on the training page.

Step 2
Complete and return the registration form to the contact indicated therein.
You will receive a response within a week of your registration request.

Daily lessons

Single price € 5 per class
Single price € 5 per class, with compulsory membership to the CN D card of € 10, valid for one season (September to June).
- Reservation of each class at the ticket office with immediate payment, on the spot or by phone.
- No reservation by email will be taken into account.
- No exchange or refund.

Mensually opening of the reservations as follows:
Thursday 16.12 / 10:00am
January classes
Thursday 13.01 / 10:00am
February classes
Thursday 10.02 / 10:00am
March classes
Thursday 10.03 / 10:00am
April classes
Thursday 14.04 / 10:00
May classes
Thursday 12.05 / 10:00
June classes


Rates indicated on the registration's forms.