Canal online 2022

Fifteen structures active for dance
take over

28.02 > 28.05.22

CN D Pantin

By initiating the Canal project, the CN D proposes to make its resources and spaces available to the entire choreographic sector (CCN, CDC, Scènes conventionnées and nationales, festivals...). Since 2020, Canal also invites international structures, this year Switzerland is in the spotlight. The idea is to offer in a common space-time, a new visibility to their projects and to the artists they support. The creative projects can be presented at different moments of their journey: in the process of being sketched out or in search of means of production or finalized and in search of distribution. This "online" version of the event allows the discovery of 30 artistic projects during three months, on, but also on the websites of the invited structures. The videos made will of course be available to the artists in order to accompany them in the diffusion of their projects.

With the artists : Ndoho Ange, Alexandra Bachzetsis, Dalila Belaza
, Maud Blandel, Mellina Boubetra
, Jeanne Brouaye, Pauline Brun, Collectif A/R
, Collectif ÈS, Géraldine Chollet, Marco Delgado, Clara Delorme

, Némo Flouret, Madeleine Fournier, Florence Francisco, Bryana Fritz, Nadine Fuchs, Adél Juhász

, Georges Labbat
, Filipe Lourenço, Alice Martins, Adrien Martins, Mathilde Monfreux, Jasmine Morand, Simone Mousset
, Jeremy Nedd, Agnès Pelletier, Arthur Perole, Davy Pieters
, Bleu Printemps, Soa Ratsifandrihana, Imbricated Real, Benjamin Vandewalle, Teresa Vittucci
, Solène Wachter