The Monday Workshop

By Lola Maury

17.09 > 17.12.18

CN D Lyon

The Monday Workshop is a time for exploration, discovery and experimentation of motion in dance. Led by choreographic artists who hold a Diplôme d’État de Professeur de Danse, the workshop invites participants to develop their bodily awareness, to explore different parameters of dance movements and to be the authors of their own motions.

“My new creation, Brouhaha, derives from a query raised by Alberto Ruiz, the sound artist and my long-standing collaborator: how to create a space where spectators can listen? As an answer to this question, every Monday, we will take delight in lending an ear, and exploring the sounds produced by the body, movement, voices and the group. We will play at manipulating the correlation between a danced movement and sound, before extending it into a curiously discordant universe.” Lola Maury