Workshop for PhD students

Making theses #3

21.09.18 — 10:00

CN D Lyon

Around research

Making Theses shows up the methods and tools used by PhD students studying dance, the choreographic arts or the body. After attending to beginnings (choice of subject, setting up of a methodology), then the end of the thesis (drafting and viva), this third session intends to expose what is hidden behind such research. These moments are activities that cannot be disassociated from a thesis, and yet are not part of the final objective: teaching, a social entourage, moving, professional valorisation or else the post-doctoral period.

From a central work of research, experiences emerge that can be motivating or else time-consuming. How to deal with this and make the best of it? How to divide your time between all these activities? Thanks to communications from PhD students or young doctors as well as group discussions, this day aims at defining and exchanging about the “circumferences” and “foundations” in an attempt to grasp the complexity of a PhD student life and bring out from our discussions some tips and techniques.