Camping Asia Encounters

All you can eat in Asia

21 & 22.06.18

CN D Pantin

Curated by River Lin

Not only sushi, dim sum, noodle soup and spicy hot pot, but there are also critical explorations and practices of post-colonisation, queer practice, indigenous, the interdisciplinary and so much more in Asia.
At Camping 2018 and in the framework of partnership between CN D and Taipei Performing Art Center (TPAC) for Camping Asia in 2019, the encounters will be featuring the conversation between Mathilde Monnier, Executive director of CN D and Austin Wang, Director of Taipei Performing Arts Center, and voices of Asian artists from Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong, to generate a deeper understanding of what’s on in the Asia region. Proposed topics of the roundtable discussions include Dancing in between disciplines, Performing bodies and the identity, and Arts education and its future, bringing artists and educators to exchange ideas and knowledge inter-culturally and politically. Through the investigation of All you can eat in Asia, the professionals and public are invited to an in-depth approach to the Asian contemporary artistic practices.

My Everyday Taipei

My Everyday Taipei, the special screening program at Camping this year, is a selection of dance video made by young dance artists who participated in the Dance and the Moving Image Workshop in 2016 and 2017.

Organised by the Taipei Performing Arts Center (TPAC), the Dance and Moving Image Workshop is led by choreographer Sue Healey (Australia) in collaboration with Peng Hsiao-Yin (Taiwan), the artistic director of the dance company Dancecology, inviting dance makers to explore how to choreograph body and space in video performance and what producing dance video means today.

In My Everyday Taipei, the daily public space has been transformed into theatre. Body is then a vehicle for intervening the ordinary, portraying the relationship between a physical city and its mental representation.

Running Moonlight (2'09")
Director: Lin Pei-Ying
Project coordinator: Huang Po-Yu
Performer: Zhang Chen-Wei

Underbridge (3'22")
Director: Florent Schwartz
Project coordinator: Liang Hsin-Wen
Performers: Liu Chun-Liang, Chung Chih-Wen, Chen-Yi-Ching

ELEVATE B (6'48")
Production team: Wade Ding、Chang Wei、Kerry Huang、Diana Chen、Huang Ya-Nung、Eva Teng

TPE 886 (4'11")
Production team: Chang Ching-Ju、Jing Wu、Liam Cheng、Wang Yan-Dun、Lee Yi-Chi、Ruby Chang
Performers: Ning Chi、Chung Chia-Lin、Chen Ciou-Ye、Chen Ting-Chun、Yang Ya-Chun、Wang Yan-Dun、Lee Yi-Chi

Chang Wei (1'14")
Director: Chang Wei

Huang Ya-Nung (1'31")
Director: Huang Ya-Nung

Conversation between Mathilde Monnier, Executive director of the CN D and Austin Wang, Director of Taipei Performing Arts Center

Three encounters simultaneously

Performing bodies and the identity
by Bulareyaung Pagarlava (Taiwan), Scarlet Yu (Hong Kong), Choy Ka Fai (Germany/Singapore)
Arts education and its future in Asia
by K-Arts (South Korea), University of Ochanomizu Tokyo (Japan), Taipei National University of Arts (Taiwan), Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.
Dancing in between disciplines
by Michikazu Matsune (Japan), Jeong Seyoung (South Korea), River Lin (Taiwan)