Jeong Seyoung

Deus ex Machina

26 & 27.06.18

CN D Pantin

Subtitled “Leap, Hop, Jump, Land”, this variation on Deus ex Machina refines Jeong Seyoung’s reflections on the power of theatrical illusions. Initially focused on an upward movement, given that, in his words, flight is intrinsic to the staging of artifice, the performer is now examining its opposite, descent, after accidentally finding himself perched on a light bar, with no idea of how to regain terra ferma.

In a minimalistic staging, using trivial objects (a kettle, an inflatable ball, ventilators...) or the most elementary theatrical mechanisms, he tests out various ways to act with and against gravity, through a variety of leaps, limits, falls and landings. His distinct sense of derision here guides a dramaturgy of non- spectacular action, which is nonetheless presented as being magical, and joyfully critical of the norms of stage performance. Born in 1980 in South Korea, Jeong Seyoung studied theatre at the University of Hoseo and scenography at the Pavillon Bosio (Monaco), before taking a master’s in dance with Exerce at the CCN in Montpellier. Since 2013, he has been developing his project Deus ex machina (God from the machine), and won the first prize at “Danse Élargie” in Seoul in 2016, thanks to his performances, installations and videos.