Par B.L.eux / Benoît Lachambre & Sophie Corriveau

Fluid Grounds

20.06.18 — 19:00

CN D Pantin

The second part of a triptych launched in 2016, this quartet takes the form of an ambulatory performance in which the performers are placed in direct contact with the audience. The “taping” technique, designs traced out with adhesive tape, means being able to map out a space in constant transformation, that sets the presence of each person and the relationships between them all at the centre of the concept. Amid this choreographic architecture, the performers accompany the spectators in an exploration, which is as somatic as it is kinaesthetic, on the crossroads between sensations and the imaginary. The latter can choose to remain at a distance or, on the contrary, to become more fully involved by activating the various possibilities for sensory action: a direct or indirect stare (in particular via a mobile telephone), tactile contact or auditory perception. The point is then to reconnect with a primordial physicality and self-awareness, favourable to an immediate empathetic relationship.

A dancer since the 1970s, the Montreal choreographer Benoît Lachambre founded his company Par B.L.eux in 1996, with which he has put on
a number of collaborative projects involving,
in particular, Boris Charmatz, Sasha Waltz, Marie Chouinard, Louise Lecavalier, Fabrice Ramalingom, Meg Stuart or the composer Hahn Rowe. Recognised internationally for his experimental research into movement and the authenticity of gestures, he has won several prestigious prizes in Canada.