Jone San Martin

25 > 29.06.18


Jone San Martin was born in San Sebastian in Spain in 1966. She studied dance with Mentxu Medel at the Theatre Institute Barcelona and the Mudra in Brussels. She has danced for the Spanish National Ballet, at the Theater Ulmer, in Brussels with Jacopo Godani and the Ballet Royal de Wallonie in Charleroi. She joined the Frankfort Ballet in 1992 and the Forsythe Company in 2005. Since 2000, she has been creating her own pieces. And since 2014, she has been an associate artist at the Dantzaz Konpainia (San Sebastian). She is one of the members of DANCE ON, the company invited by the CN D to Pantin as part of La Fabrique in spring 2018.

Forsythe Improvisation Technologies

I’d like to communicate and share tools for dance and its composition through improvisation techniques developed with William Forsythe. To rediscover these principles with the participants in the workshop so as better to grasp them and take them in new directions. Going from comprehension of techniques towards the unknown of creation, mastering better the relationship of the body with space, so as to have greater liberty and choice on plunging into the phase of improvised dance.

Jone San Martin