Jennifer Lacey

25 > 29.06.18


Jennifer Lacey is an American artist-choreographer who has been based in Paris since 2000. Always derived from dance, her pieces sometimes end up not looking like as if they were. They offer a hermeneutics of the body and its environments which is both inventive and mischievous. She often creates in collaboration, especially with Nadia Lauro, Wally Cardona and Antonija Livingstone. She tries to remove dance from the world of the spectacle, while investing herself in the many ways in which performance can be manifest, affective and communicative. Her works have been presented in theatres, museums, galleries and festivals. She has won the Doris Duke Impact Award as well as a Guggenheim Fellowship. She has also taught at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, in Lyon.

Lire au travers (Reading through)

We will spend our time dancing, developing and inventing methods for interpreting the body, so as to extract or recognise meaning in it. Thanks to these various ways of entering into dance and interpretation, we will focus on imagining possible performative and dancing bodies.
Jennifer Lacey