Miguel Gutierrez

25 > 29.06.18

Feeling Dance Factory

A multidisciplinary artist, choreographer, performer and musician, Miguel Gutierrez 
blurs the boundaries between genres and disciplines as part of an artistic strategy to explore both the conventions of performance and the outlines of contemporary identity.
 In his colour ful shows, such as Last Meadow, which revisits the American imagination, HEAVENS WHAT HAVE I DONE, myendlesslove, Age & Beauty, DEEP AEROBICS (performed at the CN D in Camping 2017), he produces an endless procession of queer bodies defying norms and conventions.

I’m sitting on my aura

“... politics is activity already in motion.
It does not await ignition.” – Randy Martin This workshop is a moving think tank. Choreography can be a framework for deploying difference in a time of increasing anxiety. What do I mean by difference - who is in the room and what it means for us to be together. We make by doing. We perform as we make
a performance, or participate in a workshop.
 I will share ways that I harness immediacy, mystery, relevance, irreverence and import.
I am interested in what is definitive and unstable. Are we foolish for still being inspired by performance? I like dancing. I like it a lot. We become beautiful in the process of performing but beautiful is not enough. I want to hold all of us. I want the differences held. Do you care to join?

Miguel Gutierrez