Matthieu Doze

25 > 29.06.18

CN D Pantin

Matthieu Doze is primarily a performer of contemporary dance. Since 1989, he has worked in particular with Dominique Bagouet, Daniel Larrieu, Alain Buffard, Christian Rizzo, Emmanuelle Huynh, Claudia Triozzi, and Fanny de Chaillé, and he has also worked with film producers and directors, musicians, photographers and visual artists. His work seeks to project the body, its movements and its gestures, into unique spaces, always with a concern for the here and now, for poetry and politics, through performances, installations, films or musical scores.

Good Boy, the solo which established the work of Alain Buffard, was created in 1998 and has continued to influence choreographic work either directly or beneath the surface. Good for... (2001) and Mauvais Genre (2003) are direct emanations of this solo which question the flow of the work as well of that of the person interpreting it. In 2017, Matthieu Doze reprised the role premiered by Alain Buffard. During this workshop, the participants will take charge of this minimalist choreographic, visual and sound material to establish body narratives of an autobiographical nature.