Elsa Wolliaston

18 > 22.06.18

CN D Pantin

A dancer, choreographer and actor, Elsa Wolliaston has studied, choreographed and taught classical, improvised and ancestral dances all over the world. Her atypical career has been characterised by curiosity, experi- mentation and collaborations. For fifty years she has been traveling the world, from the US to France, where she is based, and from Africa to Asia. She is a forceful woman who uses the unknown and improvisation to better under- stand rites and traditions. Elsa Wolliaston also works in cinema, theatre and opera.

The body’s musicality

In this workshop, Elsa Wolliaston explores the musicality of the body through warm-ups on the floor, in silence, then rhythmic warm-ups to music, upright, through the spinal column. She offers a collective improvisation in space: movements inspired by rites, traditional dances and initiation, everyday African expressions and gestures, and various forms of dance from African to contemporary.