Kettly Noël

18 > 22.06.18

La Commune – centre dramatique national

A dancer, choreographer and actress born in Haiti, Kettly Noël has been based in Bamako since 1999. Her first creation, Dans la
cour (1996) is seminal. Steeped in Haitian voodoo culture, this piece dives into the island’s animistic universe. Today, Kettly Noël directs the international festival of contemporary dance in Bamako, Dense Bamako Danse, which she founded in 2003, and the cultural centre Donko Seko, a space for training, choreographic creation and the development of contemporary dance as a socialisation tool. She has created Cousin, Cousine (2001), Tichelbe (2002) and Gaou, Errance (2004).
 She acted in Abderrahmane Sissako’s film Timbuktu (2014). In 2017, she was invited to documenta 14, for which she created the installation / performance Zombification.


Kettly Noël is proposing to carry out work based on her latest piece, Zombification, a visual plunge into the darkest pages of history, evoking slavery, and the killing fields of Cambodia or Rwanda... Zombification is above all a concept, a central theme that can be expressed in various ways. For documenta, it was through a performance and installation pairing. For this workshop, Ketty Noël is planning to lead the participants into an impossible project, towards frantic, close bodily contact. The body takes shape, freezes, cuts through space...