Ralph Lemon

18 > 29.06.18

CN D Pantin, La Villette

Ralph Lemon, is a choreographer, writer, visual artist and curator, and the Artistic Director of Cross Performance, a company dedicated to the creation of cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary performance and presentation. The first monograph of his work was published by The Museum Of Modern Art (part of their new Modern Dance Series) in 2016. His most recent works include Scaffold Room (2015), Four Walls (2012), and How Can You Stay in The House All Day And Not Go Anywhere? (2008-2010).

A lab exploring the physical, aesthetic and performative relationship of the body to one’s cultural cosmology. A primary question holding this lab together will be, where is efficiency and urgency in an unwieldy physical experimentation, a planned unknown? This lab will also look at certain (so-called) traditional aspects to successful forms (a performance, a dance, a film-video, a piece of writing, a painting, sculpture...) and then attempt to break it down and reframe this tradition with a discipline (rigor) that evokes accidents and the inexplicable. A lab that examines how the creative process is thought about, considered and looked upon, watched, inside and out. A fresh outlook, (shared) labor and or proposition on how to construct/deconstruct the right/wrong/right art work.