Myriam Gourfink

18 > 29.06.18

La Halle aux cuirs, Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers

As a leading figure in choreographic research in France, but also invited to a large number of international festivals, Myriam Gourfink was artist in residence at IRCAM in 2004-2005 and the Fresnoy-Studio National des Arts Contemporains in 2005-2006. From January 2008 to March 2013, she directed the choreographic and composition research programme at the Fondation Royaumont. With the breathing techniques of yoga as the basis of her approach, she seeks out the inner necessity that leads to movement. Guided by breathing, the organisation of fulcrums is extremely precise, while the awareness of space very tight. The dance slows down, becoming denser, in a time continuum.

Choreographic composition through yoga

This workshop will propose an immersive environment in which Myriam Gourfink will be sharing her cerebral and corporeal practice based on energy yoga techniques – Tibetan Buddhist tantric practices (Tilopa-Naropa-Marpa) – and will invite participants to explore the compositional frameworks that be generated through them. Devising the right conditions to connect the cerebral and the corporeal has become a major focus in her practice. In order
to be able to establish these subtle connections between doing and thinking, she developed open scores which invite participants to actively participate in choreographic composition, supported by composer Kasper T. Toeplitz’s sound scores and Laban notation.